About Us

Who is Behind All This?

Crazy Tattoo is a local shop run by local artists. We pride ourselves on cleanliness, talent, and above all else, our extremely reasonable prices. Customer attention and service is our philosophy, as we provide top quality, artistic tattoos in a relaxed, professional environment. All of our clients receive personal attention, no matter how large or small the design, at Crazy Tattoo.

  • One of the leading tattoo Studio in Mumbai.
  • Wide range of tattoo designs available.
  • Skilled & Well-experienced tattoo artist in Mumbai.
  • Always follow Safe and hygienic Tattoo process.
  • Good quality inks used

We are a team of Mumbai's best tattoo artists, rated as the best tattoo studio in Mumbai. Reasonable tattoo pricing. Best tattoos for men and women.

Jayesh Bhanushali

Making a tattoo is not just about the design or colors that are used. The first and foremost thing is the hygiene because there will be contact of needles and there will be blood. There are hundreds of customers who have made special request to use fresh needles when they are inked. Needless to say, our designers take every care and protection to make sure that you do not have any complains in regards to the use of needles. We understand how critical things can be when there is blood contact. That is why we prefer to discard the needles once a specific design is complete.

In addition to the needle safety, we also make sure that the colors do not affect your skin. We have a huge Tattoo Studio In Mumbai and if you search online with Famous Tattoo Studio In Mumbai or Professional Tattoo Studio In Mumbai, you will see that our website is the first to appear on the search engine. In fact, the Tattoo Studio In Andheri has been visited by over thousand customers every month and this has only been possible because of the designers and quality of ink that we used to get the permanent tattoo done on your body.

What is Our Process?

  • Paperwork and Payment
  • Sitting in the Chair of Honor
  • A Clean Shave
  • Making and Applying the Stencil Transfer
  • Preparing the Tattoo Machine and Other Equipment
  • Starting the Linework
  • Shading and Coloring
  • The Finished Tattoo
  • Dressing and Bandaging

Why Choose Us?

  • We follow International Hygienic Standards and have fully sterilized environment in our Tattoo Studio.
  • We use pre-sterilized disposable tattoo equipment’s, Tattoo Needles, Grips, Tips and Grips Extensions are Disposable.
  • Pre-sterilized Organic Permanent Tattoo Inks, Tattoo Needles, Tattoo Machine Nips, Tattoo Skin Marking Pen are used.
  • Wide range of tattoo designs available.

Our Skills

  • Tattoo

  • Temporary Tattoo

  • Tattoo Removal

  • Painting

  • Conceptual tattoos