Line Art Tattoo Services

We have complete 100% hygienic tattoo studio with all international standard types of equipment. Professional tattoo artist with many years of experience in tattooing. We have lots of designs as per client requirements.
We do all types of tattoo work like tribal designs, portrait, black and grey tattoo, modern tattoo and your personal designs. You're most welcome to our studio for the perfect experience of your uniqueness.

Our Process

There should be no pressure while getting a tattoo for the first time, or the 40th time.
We want to help you feel totally comfortable with our process before talking ...


Every tattoo project is different, and should be quoted to suit. We'll listen to what you need and then talk in Rupees.


Work one-to-one with a tattoo designer who will put together design concepts, and give direction on tattoo longevity and composition.


Together, we'll dig into everything that relates to you, so that we can build a design that will not only make an awesome tattoo but touch your heart too.


With 2 rounds of revisions, you'll always get exactly what you wanted.

About Line Art Tattoo

Many believe that tattoo is only for fashion, we believe it is also an art of expression. We welcome you to the world of Line Art Tattoo and experience the meaning of uniqueness.

Hey gorgeous! Tattoos and body art have always been super popular! It usually makes a statement about the individual’s personality. My love for tattoos has increased ever since I got one done on myself. If you’re looking to make a permanent statement on your skin that’s not too overstated or bold, a fine line tattoo is the perfect one for you.

These tattoos are super minimalistic in terms of design. And these clean single black line tattoos make a bold statement, with secret messages being engraved at times. I personally feel this style of art is the chic way to up your look. Confused on what designs to choose? Don’t worry! I have come up with drool-worthy designs by the top artists on Instagram. Let’s take a look!

Let's make something great together.