Dot Work Tattoo Services

Making beautiful custom tattoos is what we do. We welcome clients from all over the world to our sanctuary,
a warm and friendly environment,that is best described as a buzzing hive of creativity.

Our Process

There should be no pressure while getting a tattoo for the first time, or the 40th time.
We want to help you feel totally comfortable with our process before talking ...


Every tattoo project is different, and should be quoted to suit. We'll listen to what you need and then talk in Rupees.


Work one-to-one with a tattoo designer who will put together design concepts, and give direction on tattoo longevity and composition.


Together, we'll dig into everything that relates to you, so that we can build a design that will not only make an awesome tattoo but touch your heart too.


With 2 rounds of revisions, you'll always get exactly what you wanted.

About Dot Work Tattoo

Our passion for tattoos certainly hasn't waned; if anything, the trend has become... Dotwork tattoos beg for closer inspection, which is where the artistry shines!

Dotwork tattoos are one of the most intricate styles of tattoos. Talented tattoo artists create complicated geometric images with nothing but dots. The dots used to create a tattoo give a striking visual effect to the tattoo. These dots create either the entire image or just the shading. Dotwork used for shading is known as stippling. The dot tattoo is usually done with black ink or grey ink. Sometimes red is used, but only because red creates a beautiful contrast effect on geometric tattoos.

Crazy Tattoo is versed in many types of tattooing but is best known for his dotwork, blackwork, Realism, Line Art, Old School, Abstract, and geometric tattoos. Crazy Tattoo portfolio includes elements of eastern and western cultures alike. Mandala tattoos, floral designs, and sacred geometry are all very prominent in his work, but you will see animals and natural elements as well. Take a minute to check out his work and you’ll quickly see that Crazy Tattoo is a talented member of the Tattoo family.

Let's make something great together.