Abstract Tattoo Services

Abstract Art Tattoo was established in 1992 to help individuals create concise pieces of artwork. We feel that information is key to developing the correct designs. We strive for our clients to feel continued enjoyment of
their art additions. Consult with one of our artists to start your work of art.

Our Process

There should be no pressure while getting a tattoo for the first time, or the 40th time.
We want to help you feel totally comfortable with our process before talking ...


Every tattoo project is different, and should be quoted to suit. We'll listen to what you need and then talk in Rupees.


Work one-to-one with a tattoo designer who will put together design concepts, and give direction on tattoo longevity and composition.


Together, we'll dig into everything that relates to you, so that we can build a design that will not only make an awesome tattoo but touch your heart too.


With 2 rounds of revisions, you'll always get exactly what you wanted.

About Abstract Tattoo

Each and every unique tattoo we create is our visual interpretation of concepts and stories provided by the client which hold significant meaning to the individual," they say on the Expanded Eye website.

Art is extremely subjective, there’s no doubt about it. Abstract art in particular. It’s all about how you interpret it, which can be considerably different than how others do. And when it comes to tattoos, not many ink lovers go for abstract designs. I suppose that’s because deciding to get inked is huge, and people usually choose something which has a deep meaning to them – a symbol, a quote, a portrait, and so on. That being said, I think there’s something magical about abstract body art. It’s eye-catching, edgy, interesting. Tattoo artists are very skilled nowadays, so much so that they can create delightful designs whether you’re looking for something traditional or want to experiment a bit. So why not try something different? To get you inspired, here are few gorgeous examples of abstract tattoos you’ll definitely appreciate.

Let's make something great together.